First initiated in 2012, our events started as a humble, one-day diplomatic course created to help International Relations students of Brawijaya University understanding the concepts and the taste of United Nations. Following its success, in 2013, we began to take off by inviting the students from the region of East Java in 2013 Southeast Asia Environmental Conference. And this year, we have decided to evolve even bigger.

Organized by Associations of International Relations Students of Brawijaya University, Brawijaya Model United Nations is a part of Festivice, an annual event held to celebrate the spirit of international relations. This year, the grand theme for our Model United Nations is Millenium Development Goals: Ensuring the Continuity After 2015. Among the eight objectives created by this noble project, five off them will be examined by this years’ MUN. The idea of this topic is to encourage the society that after its wrap-up in 2015, what can we do to assure its effect to be sustained throughout the future? Focusing its impacts on developing countries across the globe, MDG is a very interesting and provoking matter to be discussed by the leaders of the nations.

BIMUN is also offering the participants the taste of local cultures in Malang. Complementary events such as gala dinner and city tour is on the schedule to provide participants an enjoyable way of experiencing Malang.
Despite of our first initiation in a nation-wide MUN, the organizing committees are working very hard to give the participants a very satisfying and unforgettable course. We are trying our best to create an authentic atmosphere of United Nations. Experienced chairs from various universities have been brought to ensure the professionality of our MUN.

In three days that is to be filled with fun and experience, the participants will learn things that are not related merely to United Nations, but other areas in general: public speaking, writing, spatial thinking, negotiating, and many more.


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